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10 Parenting Mistakes That Leave A Baby Feeling Unloved



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Babies need a caregiver as soon as they are born–one who can look after all their physical and emotional needs. Someone needs to be present to take care of all their physical needs–from feeding them, to changing their nappies, to bathing them, among many others. Apart from the physical needs, a newborn also needs to be nurtured with unwavering emotional warmth and support. At all points, a baby deserves to feel safe, protected, and most importantly, loved.

Usually, natural parental instincts help parents to cater to their newborns’ emotional needs effortlessly. However, as is the case with everything in life, mistakes can happen, and it is important is to realize that even a slight slip at such a tender age can hamper a child’s development in the future.

Parents need to arm themselves for all aspects of parenthood. While one has to learn how to change diapers, one also needs to be aware of how to make a baby feel protected and loved.
Here’s a list of 10 parenting mistakes that must be avoided.

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Parents need to ensure that the baby is surrounded by a positive and loving vibe at home. Yes, problems do arise. And at times, these problems can be beyond your control. But, it is your responsibility as a parent to bear its brunt, and ensure that the baby is well shielded from the chaos.

You, as a parent, need to help your child adapt to any sudden change in the environment. The last thing that a baby or a child needs to be bothered by, is the ambiguity of the environment s/he is exposed to. The onus is on you, as a parent, to ensure a stable and protected environment for their little one.

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2 Let Go Of Your Fights

Babies grow up into anxious children or adults if constantly exposed to fights and conflicts at home. They can find it hard to cope with difficulties in life, and might also suffer from drastic mood swings.

Though babies might not be able to understand the conversation exchanged, they can easily gauge the seriousness of the conversation. Constant arguments can upset a baby, and the negativity can result in a baby feeling unloved and insecure.

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There has always been a debate about whether a baby should be immediately tended to when crying, or should be left alone. Many feel that by letting a baby cry, one will be imparting an important life lesson to the babies. But, it does go against all your parental instincts, and doing so makes you feel awfully wrong about the situation.

It is important to understand that a baby is too young to play mind games, no matter how many people tell you otherwise. For babies, crying is just a means of communication. When they are happy, they laugh. Similarly, when they feel unsafe or unhappy, they cry. By not responding to their tears, a baby will only learn that the parent is not reliable enough to take care of their needs.

4 Routine Life

While routine might seem like a bore, but it is essential when it comes to babies and newborns. Having a set routine helps the baby understand what to look forward to in a day, and essentially reassures them, making them feel safe, comfortable and happy.

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When a parent sings or talks to their baby, it becomes their very first exposure to communication. Not only does it help the baby understand the tools of communication, but also leaves the baby feeling protected and loved. Communicating with your baby is the key to building a strong attachment with your kid.

So, make it a point to talk to your babies all the time, whether you are bathing them, feeding them, or even changing their diapers.

6 Don’t Worry Too Much

Most parents tend to worry a lot. But, it is important to understand that worrying about your baby will not solve anything. It will only lead to panic, which in turn will cause a negative and stressful environment for the baby.

On the other hand, the concern is good and might even help you school your children for life’s important lessons. While worrying will only teach your baby about the dreadful feeling of anxiety, being considerate can teach your baby the importance of resilience and safety.

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Never forget the importance of the feeling a touch and contact can induce in your baby. Though many contradict and say that one should not smother a baby with too much pampering, holding and carrying them can calm them and help increase their confidence.

Your touch and contact can help the baby relax, and help them recognize and identify the bond with their caregivers.

8 Don’t Discipline Your Baby Too Much

There is no reason why a baby or newborn should be punished and disciplined. It is completely wrong to deprive your baby of anything at such a tender age or resort to physical abuse to discipline them. A baby so young is not capable of being adamant or stubborn intentionally.

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By punishing babies, you can induce a stress response triggering a chain of reactions that can permanently affect them. It can hamper their intellectual as well as emotional growth.

9 Don’t Yell At Your Baby

Physical abuse is not the only thing that the baby dreads. Even the tone you choose to talk to your baby can scare them. Thereby resulting in permanent damage to their hearing or to their mental growth. This can also result in your baby suffering from behavioral problems at a later stage in life.

10 Wear A Big Smile

Most parents don’t need to be told this one. It is almost impossible not to smile when you look at your little one. This might seem like an insignificant gesture, but smiling at your little ones can do miracles. Not only is it important for the development of your babies’ brain, but can also help the baby feel encouraged, confident and happy.

We are all very well-aware that parenting is no cakewalk. In fact, one cannot even imagine saying the word parenting and easy in the same breath. And, there exists no perfect book that can teach one how to become an awesome parent. You are the best person to make a tailor-made list for you and your child’s temperament. So, go ahead and shower your child with all the love.

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