187 Strassenbande – Sampler 5 (Album)


187 Strassenbande – Sampler 5 (Zip File album download Free) 

187 Strassenbande (German for “187 streetgang”) is a German hip hop and urban music formation joining a great number of German rappers mostly based in Hamburg formed in 2006. It is made up of Gzuz, Bonez MC, Maxwell, LX and Sa4, taggers and graffiti artists Frost, Gel and Track and producer Jambeatz and Lukas H and 95a. Other members included AchtVier, Hasuna and Mosh36 who left for various reasons between 2013 and 2015. The formation is considered part of the gangsta rap movement in Germany.

The group was established by Bonez MC and Frost releasing their rap work Deep Cover. Starting initially as a hip hop graffiti crew, it developed into a street band as a collaboration between many rappers mainly from Hamburg. After self-released independent releases, Bonez MC’s album Krampfthaft Kriminell charted on the German albums chart in 2012. The same year the Berlin-based Mosh36 joined. Gzuz, a rapper in the band was jailed for 3 years prompting the band organizing the Free Gzuz Tour. In 2014, AchtVier left the band. The same year the album High & Hungrig by band members Gzuz and Bonez MC made it to the Top 10 of albums on the German chart. In 2015, Maxwell and LX released their joint Obststand.

Because of their popularity, band has accompanied the group Wu-Tang Clan in their German tour in 2015. The same year, Gzuz released his solo album Ebbe und Flut. In 2016, Bonez MC’s album with rapper RAF Camora topped the German charts.

187 Strassenbande’s 2017 release Sampler 4 has topped the German, Austrian and Swiss Albums Charts.


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