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6 Times Nigerian Celebrities Were in American TV Shows and You Didn’t Notice



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And Just Like That… when during episode 8, the episode started and I said, “Ah ah, shey na eye dey pain abi wetin be dis?” It was Karen Igho. That is Karen that won Big Brother Naija.

The experience just reminded me of all the random times Nigerian celebrities have appeared on American TV shows so you know as I do, I had to compile a list.

Here are 6 Times Nigerian Celebrities Were in American TV Shows and You Didn’t Notice

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1. Karen Igho

Big Brother Africa 2011 winner Karen Igho appeared on the latest episode as at the time of this writing, episode 8 of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That…

2. DJ Cuppy

During an episode of the E! reality TV show, House of DVF, guess who randomly popped into the episode? Yup! You guessed right, popular Nigerian DJ and musician, DJ Cuppy.

Cuppy was the official DJ for the 2015 DVF Awards and her outfit was styled by some of the contestants so during the episode, we watched as they tried to dress Cuppy up and saw her reactions throughout.

3. Boma

Another celebrity who has appeared on an American television show is controversial Big Brother Naija contestant, Boma. The Big Brother Naija star appeared in one of the most successful American television programs, The Blacklist. When the news hit the internet, people were very surprised and tweeted accordingly. One user by the username @Dammiedammie35 tweeted about it saying “Boma is inside blacklist ? Like Raymond Reddington’s blacklist ? Omohhhh this guy is fire” while another user by the username @Ormainy tweeted saying “Boma is now saying all the things some of you say he is lying about o! He never played the poverty card. He has mentioned the New York Film Academy and movies in Hollywood. Let’s try not to judge these people too fast. Give them benefit of doubt.”

4. Dencia

Singer and skincare brand CEO, Dencia is another celebrity who has appeared on an American television show. During an episode of the ZEUS reality television show, The Real Blac Chyna, singer Dencia appeared on the episode as Blac Chyna’s friend and during the course of the episode, both women discussed a lot of things from colorism to money.

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5. Esther Agunbiade

Big Brother Naija Season 4 contestant, Esther Agunbiade competed on the 37th season of the American television show, The Challenge that airs on MTV. She was eliminated on the sixth episode of the show.

6. Tacha

Esther was not the only Big Brother Naija contestant or Nigerian to appear on the 37th season of The Challenge. Nigeria’s own Tacha also appeared on the show although she didn’t last as long in the competition as Esther did. Tacha was eliminated on the third episode of the show.

Now that you’ve seen these 6 Nigerian celebrities that appeared on American television shows, which one surprised you the most? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment on my Facebook post.

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