7 Jaws – I See Colors (Album)


7 Jaws – I See Colors (Download Free album Zip)

At 22 years old, this artist from Eastern France, now based in Val-de-Marne, pours as much into the energetic as in the feelings with his Rap, pushing us to ask ourselves several questions to his subject.

Is there a second reading of his texts? What is the reason for the duality of its sounds which tend at the same time towards egotrip and self-belittling? To answer this, his first EP “Nautilus”, a symbol of the Emo Trap he loves, constitutes a basis for reflection.

To make a name for himself, a rapper no longer has to obey strict street codes or pretend to be a modern-day poet. Proof of this is the career of the Lorraine rapper, 7 Jaws, who on his first two EPs Nautilus (2017) and Steam House (2018), develops a rap on edge, which oscillates between melancholy and the impulse of life. In the United States, one would have qualified his rap as emo rap like that of the late XXXTentacion or the sensitive Juice WRLD. In France, we will be content to say that he is the mouthpiece of a certain youth who hesitates between crying over an uncertain future or making fun of everything. 7 Jaws grew up in a small town in eastern France, Sarrebourg.

Hired in a car junkyard, the Lorrain dropped everything one fine day for a trip to Japan, country he fantasized about since the first reading of his manga. He will come back transformed, ready to take his life in hand. His first mixtape produced entirely by Seezy will be released in early 2020.


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