A. G. Cook – Apple vs. 7G (Album)


A. G. Cook – Apple vs. 7G (Download Free album Zip)

PC Music proudly announces co-founder A. G. Cook’s forthcoming remix album Apple vs 7G with ‘Xcxoplex’, his first track on the label together with his long-term collaborator, the boundary breaking pop-artist and songwriter, Charli XCX.

Apple vs 7G features remixes and edits of songs from Cook’s pair of acclaimed 2020 albums Apple and 7G, together with Charli XCX, Caroline Polachek, Hannah Diamond, No Rome, Oklou, Baauer, Boys Noize, Airhead, Eartheather, GRRL + more. PC Music is a collaborative outfit like no other – A. G. and all the artists in the PC world are constantly cross-pollinating each other’s music, feeding into a fruitful and unique creative world. The remix album and two previous albums embody this approach to their very core.

‘Xcxoplex‘ featuring Charli XCX, is a powerful rework of “Xxoplex” taken from Apple, and sees the duo push the boundaries of pop once more, the first time both artists have officially featured on a track together. The original “Xxoplex” was a work of controlled chaos with flickers of beauty shimmering beneath the surface, a track described by Cook as “the dark, industrial heart of Apple”. The rework brings the melodies of the original out of the darkness into the light, with Charli adding a soaring vocal hook at it’s centre.

Hannah Diamond and Sarah Bonito angelically step into the vocal booth for their remix of ‘The Darkness’, following the bouncing escapism of Caroline Polachek’s ‘Oh Yeah’ and bass nihilism of umru on ‘2021’. French singer Oklou delivers a classic acoustic cover of ‘Being Harsh’, Denzel Himself delivers furious stuttering beats for ‘H202’, Boyz Noize head straight to euphoric dancefloors for ‘Stargon’ and there’s the off-kilter pop of GRRL ‘Gold Leaf’. New York’s Eartheater delivers a breathless drum n bass version of ‘The Darkness’, caro<3 ‘Drinks Blood’ and Max Tundra harks back to classic dream pop.


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