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After marriage, man returns his wife for lying about her virginity



  • A Nigerian man has sent his wife packing after discovering that she lied about her virgin!ty status before their marriage
  • According to the story which has gone viral, the man could not be appeased after he found that his wife lied to him that she is a virgin
  • The enraged man has since collected the bride price paid on the girl, not minding that the beleaguered marriage is just 4 months old
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The nuptial bliss between a Nigerian man and his wife has crashed after the man discovered that the lady is not a virgin.

According to the story making the rounds on social media, the man was deceived to believe that the lady he married was a virgin only for him to discover otherwise.

The girl is a good person

Although the person who shared the story on Twitter has said the girl is good, but it appears the man could not be appeased after discovering the virgin!ty lie told before their wedding by the wife.

The husband has since pocketed the bride price paid on the girl after it was returned to him.

Sharing the tweet, @ChukwuSomma wrote:

“A girl from my area had her bride price returned and bags packed back to her father’s house because she lied to her husband about being a virgin. This is just a marriage of 4months….so men still do this?? Omo!”

See the tweet below:

Twitter users react

@FunmiKolz said:

“Why did he take four months to send her back to her parents?”

@MEzulike commented:

“Why did she have to lie, was the man specifically looking for a virgin because I don’t understand.”

@sakwaofkigali said:

“It’s actually interesting the husband waited 4month. It further highlights how incorrigible of a liar the lady must have been and the man couldn’t keep up with it. The virgin!ty topic is probable highlight of her misgivings.”

@RoyalQVee commented:

“So ladies still lie about being or not being virg!ns? The man should have forgiven her except there’s more to the gist than just the virgin!ty talk.”

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