(Album) Logic – Psychological Tape (2009)


Logic – Psychological Tape (2009)  (Download Free album Zip)

This is the full Psychological mixtape from Logic in 2009, when he went under the name Psychological.

9 of the songs are already public, but I included them anyways as this is from a CD rip, so has better quality than all the stuff from old YouTube uploads. Time I Give, Screwed Up, and Mind of a Maniac (OG) however were not public.

Anyways, after over a decade, here it is:

Psychological – Psychological
01 Intro
02 Logic on the beat
03 Hunger
04 Background check
05 95′ tip
06 On lock
07 A third person story
08 Why would i lie
09 Mind of a maniac
10 Time i give
11 Screwed up
12 Lyricism

DOWNLOAD Full Mixtape (Zip)

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