Attwenger – Drum (Album)


Attwenger – Drum (Download Free album Zip)

Heard of us or have already forgotten about us. that’s why we did drum, our 9th studio album, an overdue boomer production, 15 new songs with all the trimmings:

trap slang and country fiction, kraut and beet music, criticism of mentality, dialect groove, electronica and polka punk.

therefore also because circumstances wanted to be brought up, the annoying ones. Wouldn’t you be annoying, then why the music?

to stop talking about it: this album sings about what he sees and what she sees, what is a fake creature, that happiness has become a business and father gets grumpy for a long time, people are far, but unfortunately not further, which can be completely irrelevant, followed by rhyming babble and songs about credit and debts. In addition, it is about the fact that reality is too real, would do a little less very well, also about what one of us likes, what everyone I know doesn’t want to know, about a dreamy drum and that ultimately nobody is needs to make in the pants.

therefore a dream can be, ie one of those rubble that suddenly stands in the way, possibly in the form of an oversized turnip, even if it is only a virtual one, but so be it. everything is constructed here anyway. up to 70 tracks per song, each of them edited in one way or another, the lyrics, if they weren’t created spontaneously, over months, sometimes over years. Nothing here is authentic, but everything is deceptively real.


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