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Best Ways to Enjoy Streaming Disney Plus

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Brief Look into the History of Disney Plus

Created by Walt Disney Company in late 2019, Disney Plus is an American streaming platform that boasts of a wide range of TV series and movies on its platform, with almost 90 million active users. Following Disney’s purchase of 21st Century Fox, Hulu, ESPN Plus, and its contract with Netflix, the firm decided to create its own native platform, that featured more of Disney’s Merchandise, Kids shows, Star Wars, and Marvel.

Like every streaming platform out there, the service is targeted at maximizing profits, while providing maximum satisfaction for its viewers. Similar to every tech service, there are several unused features built to turn on automatically. This piece covers a few tricks which users can employ while making use of Disney Plus to enhance their experience.

5 tips to enhance streaming experience

1.To ensure quality video content, the service recently released 4K video quality video format on several devices, mostly on Televisions – LG, Apple, Android, etc. Although this feature has not yet been made available on smartphones, tablets, and computers, the provision should be made soon for phones and Personal Computers. There is also the option of selecting lower quality video streams, especially when using mobile data, or the network over Wi-Fi isn’t strong.

2.The app is designed to show trailers and pre-show clips before the video begins. To prevent this and save data in the long run, you can easily turn off the Background video option in settings. The autoplay feature can also be turned off as well, for viewers who do not binge watch for a long period of time.

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3.Like many services, Disney Plus is designed in such a way that several profiles can be created on one account, depending on how much you pay for the subscription. The upside to having many profiles is that each individual can watch and monitor their progress, without the need to remember where they stopped as the app keeps track.

4.Despite its growing reach, Disney Plus is still not yet available in some countries, especially in Africa and most of Asia. Watching Disney Plus with a VPN is not illegal, so people in other parts of the world can enjoy its content using VPN until its reach spreads to their region.

5.Some network and TV providers are in collaboration with Disney Plus, meaning that subscribers who use those networks and TV services are eligible to use Disney Plus at discounted rates. Of course, some of those services are restricted to certain zones.


Over the 13 months that it has been up and running, the success Disney Plus has attained is truly remarkable. At the initial launch, it was available in 3 countries and registered about 10 million subscribers on its debut. It has since expanded into Asia, the majority of Europe, and a few select countries in North and South America.

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