Big Flock – All Eyez On Me (Album)


Big Flock – All Eyez On Me (Download Free album Zip)

Big Flock is easily one of the most humble, hardworking, passionate artists that I have encountered in the music industry so far. In my post-graduate life had the chance to learn a lot about interpersonal communication. Flock has all of the qualities of an authentic and aware person. During our hour-long conversation, he showed empathy, hunger, and, most importantly, growth. Back in 2012, Maryland bred superstar got his start as a member of the popular DMV group, Thraxxx. Although he spent a lot of time with the group, he always found time to release a string of strong solo efforts that had features from street phenoms like 21 Savage & Hoodrich Pablo Juan. Unfortunately, his 2017 incarceration led to a brief halt to the up and coming rapper.

My interview with Big Flock is one that will forever stick out because, like his music, you can hear the truth in his voice. You can listen to the pain, pressure, and drive to succeed. Flock is as braggadocious as any other Hip-hop artist, but unlike many, he understands he is representing more than just himself. He wants to do right by his family, his team, lastly his fans. There are not too many artists who can come home after a year plus bid and garner the amount of love that Flock did when he came back.

Our conversation will allow anyone fan or not to learn about not only Big Flock but the man Charles Bowman.

With albums dropping every day, it is clear that some artists do not put much time into the naming of their projects. Big Flock is not one of those rappers. He said that it is dedicated to his brothers, he noted 5eva is a level up from forever(4ever). Maryland’s hottest rapper explained that the purpose of this project was to show love to his father, fans, and everyone that rocks with him whether they are living or not. The life we live is short, and Flock‘s time incarcerated helped provide him with that realization more than ever.

A-list artists like Meek Mill, Jay-Z, and many others have recently taken a strong stance against the harsh treatment of young black adults by the justice system. Big Flock mentioned that his time away took him away from all of the things that mattered most to him. His label, Diddy Gang, went from being just a group of friends to a group of business partners. A legal way to show love to his brothers.


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