BigBabyGucci – 1 Night I Took Acid (Album)


BigBabyGucci – 1 Night I Took Acid  (Download Free album Zip)

James Haley (born August 13, 1996), known professionally as BigBabyGucci (previously known as BigBabyFinesse), is an American rapper from Charlotte, North Carolina. He came to public attention in 2016 after receiving recognition for his debut project, A Fucking Mixtape.

James Haley was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, the youngest of three brothers. His mother is a retired Air Force veteran. He claims to have attended 15 different schools in North Carolina, before graduating from Ashbrook High School in Gastonia, North Carolina at the age of 18. After graduating, Haley entered college on a scholarship but was expelled before completing his first year. Soon after being expelled he was arrested for grand theft auto, trespassing, and failure to appear in court.

After serving five months in prison he established what would become 1500Forever, a collective of artists, producers, filmmakers, photographers, and designers, all whom he would eventually meet through Twitter. It was around this time he released his debut mixtape A Fucking Mixtape on Soundcloud. The original project has since been renamed ART HOE Collection on Apple Music and Spotify streaming services.


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