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Check Out 7 Best Halloween Looks by Nigerian Celebrities (Photos)

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In Nigeria, Halloween isn’t really celebrated due to religious reasons, societal fear and mass superstition. However, every October 31st , the days leading up to that and some days after that, some celebrities still find the time and take the opportunity to play dress up and have fun during this very popular holiday.

Because of this year and the way it has been, a lot of people didn’t feel it would be appropriate to dress up. A lot of other people just didn’t have the time or energy and a huge number of others didn’t care to. Just because a lot of people didn’t participate though doesn’t mean that there weren’t those few celebrities who still wanted to dress up for the holiday.

1. Mercy Aigbe

Although Mercy Aigbe didn’t dress up on the day of Halloween, the popular Nollywood actress took to Instagram to post some never-before-seen pictures from her upcoming project titled J.B.O. In the pictures, Mercy can be seen wearing some very interesting costumes. With scars on her face, a machine gun in some pictures, and a thick beard, Mercy Aigbe is unrecognisable in these pictures and a lot of her fans have dubbed this one of the best Halloween looks of 2020.

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2. Olamide’s wife and kids

While prominent Nigerian rapper, Olamide, didn’t get into the festivities himself this year, his family sure as hell did. Olamide’s partner, Adebukunmi took to Instagram to share pictures of herself and kids all dressed up for Halloween. A really cute family picture I must say.

3. Seun Kuti

Another celebrity who joined in the fun of Halloween was Afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti, who along with his partner Yeida and daughter Adara, stepped out in Halloween costumes for a party on Halloween day – Saturday, October 31. Don’t ask me, I have no idea who or what he’s supposed to be.

4. Toyin Abraham

Nigerian actress, Toyin Abraham didn’t want to get left out of the fun and so took to social media to post the below picture with the caption:

My own Halloween costume.

Filming Arodan by Wumi Ajiboye.

I will live @mcrystalcinemas Abeokuta by 4pm today. Fate of Alakada still showing in all cinemas in Nigeria

5. Kemi Awoyemi

Beauty director and make-up artiste for Halloween painted and designed this model as Òrìsà: Osun. It is the one picture that I saw while scrolling on social media that really made me stop and say I had to share this with you guys.

I mean, look at these pictures!

6. Ozo Impersonator

This woman became a one-day celebrity BECAUSE of her Halloween costume. You must have seen it already but if you haven’t this is the woman who dressed up as BBNaija’s Ozo for Halloween. So creative!

7. Deola Adebiyi

Popular Nigerian YouTuber, Deola Adebiyi also got into the spirit of Halloween, but instead of just dressing up for fun, she also used it as an opportunity to create content. The Youtube guru made a “Get Ready With Me” video on Youtube where she transformed herself into a Glam Witch.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through these pictures and story. Halloween is always so fun to me and I cannot wait to see what people do next year!

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