Clintn Lord – Canceled (Ep)


Clintn Lord – Canceled (Download Free Ep Zip)

Clintn Lord shares his new EP.

Cancel culture has been the topic of discussion among many creative circles. Some have agreed that it’s necessary while others have believe that it’s infringing on free speech.

Last week, Clintn Lord shared his thoughts on how to navigate through cancel culture in 2021 with his latest body of work, Canceled.

The five-track project includes production from Green 808, Splurge, and Fantom Beats who played a pivotal role in curating Clintn sound on this project which he described as “sad boy vibes, rager music, and hyper mosh pit type of pop.”

“I was afraid for a while to do a lot of things,” he said in a statement. “I was doing things to get society to accept me and embrace me how I am. I had to accept that they will never accept me. To be unaccepted, you have to accept yourself.”

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