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Crazy Beauty Trends: Video of Lady Getting Artificial Dimples Sparks Reactions



  • A video has since surfaced on social media in which a woman is seen altering her cheeks to create dimples
  • In the now-trending video, a professional is seen pulling what appears to be strings attached to the cheeks causing the dimple effect
  • The video has been welcomed with mixed reactions amongst social media users with many disapproving of the look
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Cheek dimples are considered a thing of beauty and a good luck charm that entices people who perceive them as physically attractive, in many parts of the world.

However, not everyone is naturally blessed with them. Well, it appears there are those who have decided to take matters into their own hands.

A case in point is a trending video of a caucasian blonde woman who is seen getting her cheeks artificially altered to give her dimples.

The video sees her lying down seemingly excited as a professional works on her face. He is seen pulling what appears to be strings.

Check out the video below:

Social media users share thoughts on artificial dimple


“When it is not of God (natural) it doesn’t add any beauty rather it deforms you.”


“Women and problem be like 5&6.”


“Thank God for my free dimple oo.”


“Na everything girls they stress their self put for this life‍♀️”


“It looked soo Fake.”


“Looks painful.”


“I thought they said dimple is a deformity so why the recent craze for it, my gender is doing most of late chai.”


“Is it just me thst thinks it made her look funny bakan fa. Wahala..”

Barely a few weeks after a Nigerian man sporting a unique wavy hairstyle went viral on social media, he appears to have caught the attention of Snoop Dogg.

In the now-viral video, the man is seen posing for the camera while proudly showing off his overly-dyed and artificially constructed waves and edges.

Well, the American rapper with a whopping following of 73 million accounts, liked the video so much that he reposted it on his page.

He was carried by Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town, and Jnr made funny facial gestures. He looked into the camera, blinked his eyes, and smiled coyly revealing some cute dimples.

Many people have commented on the video with some concluding that the little boy now looks so much like his father. Others, too, took note of his dimples.

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