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Crowd throw beer on mother who confronted a lady for flashing her boobs before her kids at a game (video)



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A video serving rounds online captures the moment a mother was booed and thrown beer by game-lovers following a verbal confrontation.

The mum had confronted a lady who flashed her boobs at the game while her kids were present at the stadium.

This didn’t sit well with other spectators of the game who seemingly enjoyed the lady’s nude show and they rebuked the concerned mum for confronting the lady.

Crowd throw

In the viral video, the game-lovers could be seen throwing beer on the mother as they booed her off.

Watch the video below,

This has stirred an outrage on social media as netizens bemoan the rate at which people encourage moral decadence.

@iam_belloibrahim wrote, “That’s the world we live in. First we overlook evil then we permit evil then we legalize evil then we promote everything then we celebrate evil then we persecute those who still call it evil.😢

Another Instagram user wrote, “Wow! What have we become in this world? No morals anymore..this is sad. Just watch where you take your kids next time🤦

@officialmeri_madeinheaven wrote, “Yall saying she should have taken her kids away are very stup!d, she bought a game ticket not a p0rn ticket. I will sue the organisers of that game show and i will win.”

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