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I know you are busy surfing and enjoying the goodies of our site and we are happy you love it.

Ziptras as you all know it is one of the leading sites to get the latest songs and we really depend mostly on adverts to keep the site running, as at that which includes Pop Up adverts which we all know are very aggravating.

So to that, we have been getting many requests to stop using that on our site which we have and it’s really affecting our inflow as we need to keep the site running.

With that been said we decided to try crowdfunding from our users which include YOU reading this, yes You.

So below are our available means you can Donate to Ziptras to keep the site running. Thanks and keep sharing

Bitcoin – 1HADCVw5UskHRtCCYgoULRKPpWesG77P8p

USDT – 0xf1ec63e8e76e0c95891bb5364b30973a14a68358

Etherum – 0xf1ec63e8e76e0c95891bb5364b30973a14a68358

Webmoney Z – Z500527540367