Drake signs a female artist and instantly fu*ks her, ruin her 8 year relationship in the midst of recording CLB

Drake Accused Of Breaking Up Singer's Relationship During "Certified Lover Boy" Sessions


Drake is being accused of breaking up Naomi Sharon’s 8-year engagement after her fiancé claims she was unfaithful with the rapper.

Did Drake just break up a happy home? According to Naomi Sharon’s fiancé, he very well may have. In case you’re unfamiliar, Naomi Sharon is an artist that has drawn comparisons to the likes of Jorja Smith. She was recently pictured in the studio with none other than Drake during his Certified Lover Boy sessions and, according to her fiancé of eight years, Drake did more than just record with the artist.

According to a popular post on Drake’s subreddit, Drake is being accused of flying out Naomi Sharon and her partner to work on CLB, when he effectively became the reason for their relationship’s failure. After being spotted in the gym with Drizzy, Naomi’s fiancé confirmed that he’s no longer engaged to the singer after a superstar-level artist allegedly caused his fiancée to be unfaithful.

“Imagine having the most beautiful, supportive, and faithful relationship 8 years long with an engagement and wedding planned. A beautiful woman on your side as ride or die. Than this major opportunity comes and a world star calls your fiancé to sign a record deal. Flies you both over and than out of nowhere all the trust is vanished with knifes in your back and in your heart,” wrote Naomi Sharon’s fiancé on Instagram, in a post that has since disappeared after he took his profile private.

In case it wasn’t clear enough that Jamie and Naomi had broken up, the singer’s fiancé followed up with another post, saying, “I am no longer with the person people think I am together with. I am no longer with the 8 years I thought I was together with.”

Catch all the receipts below and leave your reactions in the comments. Is Drake a savage for this?

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