Euro Gotit – 4REIGN 4EVER (Album)


Euro Gotit – 4REIGN 4EVER  (Download Free album Zip)

Euro Gotit is a rapper born and raised on Atlanta’s Westside. His music is a strong reading of the same melodic trap style as some of the city’s most notable breakout stars.

The Atlanta rapper Euro Gotit, he never started off wanting to stay behind the scenes and write for other artists. He began as a ghostwriter. He actually did walk that path, until he eventually realized his ideas would never come across the way he wanted.

“It was like having an easel and a paintbrush, you giving somebody else the picture you want painted,”
he explains. “I had to take it upon myself.” He found that his rhymes had more energy and better delivery when he rapped them himself. Early songs like “On the Way” and “Wavy” caught some attention and local radio play in Atlanta, but when Lil Baby contributed a verse to the 2018 track “Posse,” many new listeners perked up their ears. The song was featured on the 4N (Foreign) mixtape released that same year. Along with Lil Baby’s featured verse, Euro Gotit was joined by Gunna, HoodRich Pablo Juan, and others. He followed the next year with his debut studio album, Foreign Exchange.

When the more established Lil Baby collaborated with him on the 2018 single “Posse,” it opened the floodgates for new fans and supporters.


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