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Extremely Expensive Things Football Players Own



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It’s no secret that footballers have so much money that they couldn’t spend it all if they tried.

Sure, some of them try and Stephen Ireland has given it a good go with his custom house and

obscene cars. William Gallas’ chrome Mercedes was cute, but not even close and Cisse’s

Lordship was only a small step in the right direction. For more on those, be sure to check them out here.

However, there are some things only available to the heavy weights and any footballer who

really wanted to make a statement about how ridiculously rich they are should start with one of these…

And so we finally get to the most ridiculously expensive thing a footballer would buy.

Regular iPhones are cool, but not so flashy. A £9m iPhone, however, is about as flashy as it

gets. The home button is replaced with a 26 carat deep cut black diamond, 600 other

flawless diamonds run around the edge of the phone, 53 diamonds replace the Apple logo on

the back and the chassis is made of 24 carat gold.

Having been challenged, Stephen Ireland is probably on his way to get one right this second.

If you do purchase one of these, try not to break the sapphire glass screen…

Like History? Like Technology? Like Diamonds? Who doesn’t right? Well, to satisfy all these desires at once, the iPad Gold History combines all three.

Weighing in at 3kg, this iPad actually has T-Rex bone in the case, as well as 2kg of 24-

carat gold and 12.5 carats of flawless diamonds. Oh and the screen is bordered by the

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oldest stone in the world, Canadian Ammolite, which was formed about 75 million years ago, but whatever.

This is not a joke and someone bought one…

Why include this when there is already a killer whale sub you ask. Well, whilst the Orca craft is a cute toy at £60k and can go up to 5ft

under water, this £2m C-Explorer 5 can fit five people and dive up to 300m below the sea.

This incredible machine can stay under water for eight hours and has to be on the wish list

of anyone that can afford it. Oh, and Roman Abramovich has one.

Any list of offensively expensive luxuries that only a footballer would buy has to include at least one car.

Maxing out at 254mph, it is the fastest road legal car in the world, so instead of buying a

house in Majorca to use one week a year, why not fly about in this scarily fast chick magnet?

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