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[Full Album] BamBam – riBBon

BamBam – ribbon  (Download Free album Zip)

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Marking the first album of BamBam’s solo endeavors, his debut release, riBBon, features 6 original tracks sure to satiate fans while they eagerly await another GOT7 comeback.


riBBon opens with “Intro,” a song produced by Canadian superstar producer Murda Beatz. “Intro” is an 808-heavy progression that features an experimental nature that isn’t anticipated of the direction you’d feel BamBam would venture into.

But riBBon is here to prove that none of the tracks chosen for the release indicate a clear path for BamBam’s sound in the future. In fact, the unique frenetic onslaught of sounds in “Intro” gives BamBam space to recreate himself of the album’s next 5 tracks.

Recreate himself is just what he does as we are face-to-face with “Pandora.” Hypnotizing and intriguing, “Pandora” is a bit evocative of MONSTA X “Rush.” The song’s focal point is its one-of-a-kind distinction between build-up and drop. If “Pandora” is a box filled with vastly different thematic ideas, then BamBam is a chameleon that seems to match himself up and deliver to the song’s concept effortlessly.

Chosen as the title, “riBBon” is sweet and as light as the feather mentioned in the song. To be fair, I didn’t anticipate BamBam’s title to be so sugary sweet, but the song embodies him well. From the upbeat lyricism to the signature ‘skrrt skrrt’, “riBBon” is a song that’s made for virality on TikTok.

“Look so fine” has a much more playful concept that’s significantly more experimental in sound. Liberal use of autotune and synthesizers give this track an ultra-modern hip hop spin that seems to be more popular and prominent in Western music. Playful, youthful, and springy, “Look so fine” may not sit right the first time, but give the song another chance with a few more listens- it might grow on you.

Every album, I find at least one song that I wholeheartedly can recommend to readers on this album; without a doubt, it’s “Air.” Murda Beatz lends his prowess to this song’s production giving an ethereal and urban flair that’s one-of-a-kind. Expert production of “Air” really gave BamBam the ability to stretch himself experimentally, and it paid off on his recording by showcasing BamBam’s signature mix of singing and rap effortlessly. No hesitations on this one. Meaningful and mid-tempo, “Air” is the album’s cardinal must-listen.

“Under the sky” is an unplugged ballad that came as a curveball on the album’s tracklist. Though I was anticipating a downtempo song- I didn’t quite expect a piano instrumental and heartfelt (and emotional!) singing! “Under the sky” is thoughtful and well-executed despite an imperfect singing performance. BamBam stretches himself vocally for this song, and its reassuring sentiment is really what drives the conclusion of this album home. “Under the sky” feels like the ‘riBBon’ that ties together the tracklist with a successful finish.

Track List:

1. Intro (Prod. Murda Beatz)

2. Pandora

3. riBBon

4. Look so fine

5. Air

6. Under the sky

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