[Full Album] Dean Blunt – BLACK METAL 2


Dean Blunt – BLACK METAL 2 (Download Free album Zip)

In 2014, the enigmatic experimental artist Dean Blunt released Black Metal after issuing the polarizing collection of songs The Redeemer.

Black Metal was eclectic and immersive, which the pitch black album art suggested, provoking publications to either dismiss it as a joke or praise it as brilliant.

Today Blunt — also one-half of the hard-to-Google duo Hype Williams with Inga Copeland — is back to surprise the music world again with a sequel.

BLACK METAL 2 is out now via Rough Trade, just three days after Blunt announced it, with no advance singles. The album art this time appears to be a nod to Dr. Dre’s iconic 2001. Stream it below.

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