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[Full Album] Dee Watkins – Not One Of Them

Dee Watkins – Not One Of Them  (Download Free album Zip)

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Dee Watkins (born Detrone Watkins, August 7, 1998) is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He is noted for his singles “Bad Ass Jit”, “No Love Lost”, “Hell Raiser”, and “All the Love”.


Dee was born Detrone Leon Watkins on August 7th, 1998 in Macclenny, Florida, where he was also raised.

In 2015, Dee was an athlete playing football for his local high school team. He was injured during this time and was sent home to recover for a week. He began recording videos of songs that he came up with and began posting them to Facebook.

These videos started to attract major attention on Facebook gathering millions of views for Dee before he ever put out an official song. Dee’s popularity began to rise as his videos received more attention and then he started posting them to YouTube.

On November 4th 2018, Dee Watkins and his associates BBG dropped their first official song “No Case” which was covered by Elevator[2] a week later. Dee’s buzz grew heavily throughout Florida and personalities such as Sniper Gang consistently posted his music.

Dee followed up the success of “No Case” with music videos for “Mula” and “Iron Man”.

In February 2019, Dee released a remix to the chart topping City Girls “Act Up” which has managed to garner 4 million views on on Youtube[1] and reposted by major figures such as City Girls, and by the CEO of Quality Control.

Capitalizing on the success of his remix to “Act Up”, Dee released his single “Bad Ass Jit” in April 2019 which solidified his presence in hip hop and which has garnered millions of views. In June, Dee released his single “No Love Lost” and has been a roll with a slew of new releases.


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