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[Full Album] Gavin Turek – MADAME GOLD

Gavin Turek – MADAME Gold (Download Free album Zip File)

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Throughout her already impressive & celebrated career, Gavin Turek has been called “a classic triple-threat, with singing, acting, and dancing all on stock in her formidable repertoire” by Flaunt, while Stereogum said her music “utilizes a colorful palette of deep bass, starry keys, and Turek’s own voice, which is practically a throwback in its own right.” And today she announces her much-anticipated full-length debut album ‘Madame Gold’ which will be released on her own label (the fitting titled Madame Gold Records) on July 23.


But while Gavin’s music is known for its sparkle, effervescence, and intoxicating essence, the journey to her debut LP was not an easy one. Produced and co-written by Childish Gambino collaborator Chris Hartz, ‘Madame Gold’ is a record fortified in themes of perseverance, self-trust, & hope amidst chaos.

While COVID limitations, personal traumas, and the soul-crushing weight of expectations within the modern music industry plagued Gavin throughout the process of the album’s inception, she turned to her inner solace as a songwriter to help guide her.

In a way, Gavin has used the alter ego of Madame Gold as her own personal superhero, providing her the encouragement and strength to carry on amidst spells of personal self-doubt and the numerous global crises of the last year. An enemy of the inner saboteur and a fierce advocate for social justice, Madame Gold is Gavin’s philosophic incarnate.


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