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[Full Album] Jeremy Zucker – CRUSHER

Jeremy Zucker – CRUSHER   (Download Free album Zip File) 

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Chances are, your first experience with a Jeremy Zucker song starts off easy: A mellow tune found in a carefully curated “chill out” playlist, likely along the lines of their popular 2018 song “Comethru.” In my case, it was this.

But much in the tradition of sophomore albums and artists’ need to reinvent, Jeremy’s upcoming record “Crusher” is a far leap from their first. Marked by unfettered anger and a more roaring sound, its musicality and overall look are a direct response to their 2020 debut “Love is Not Dying.” If its older sibling was a bit more morose in tone and lyrics thanks to themes of heartbreak, “Crusher” is coming to terms with that—and getting furious at the process, like a musical “to hell with it.”

Welcome aboard ‘Crusher,’ Jeremy Zucker’s unapologetic angry era 4

“I felt like a little lost after [‘Love is Not Dying’]. It took me a while to figure out who I was and what I stood for. When you get wrapped up in relationships, like going through a breakup, it’s really easy to lose yourself when you have really strong feelings. ‘Crusher’ is finding myself again,” Jeremy explained during a recent press con.

“‘Crusher’ is the realization that I was blatantly mistreated. There’s a lot of anger on the project because of that. The first handful of songs I wrote are just—I hate to say ‘mean,’ but music is emotion, right? I wasn’t writing it to get revenge. It’s an expression of anger that isn’t intended to hurt anyone,” they added.


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