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[Full Album] Josh A – LONELY VIBES

Josh A – LONELY VIBES (Download Free album Zip File)

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“LONELY VIBES” is Florida rapper Josh A’s 17th studio album and 12th solo album. The album has the same name as his 2017 single ‘Lonely Vibes’.


This album is experimental to Josh, making songs with artists he hasn’t collaborated with before such as guccihighwaters, and reaching out of his box with genres like punk, rock, and less emo rap-styled music.

LONELY VIBES was confirmed on twitter to have 14 tracks with no interludes, including his three singles “PAINLESS” (January 2021), “ANXIOUS” (April 2021), and “DOUBT ME” (May 2021).

Josh A is a producer and rapper from Orlando, FL. After initially starting as a producer, he began rapping over his own beats in 2015. He gained popularity quickly. In 2017 he contacted Jake Hill asking to make a collaboration. The two of then proceded to create most of Josh’s biggest songs and albums. Including but not limited to the Better Off Dead Trilogy, and singles like Too Many Dead and It’s Every Day Bro. More information about the duo can be found on their genius page.

Josh A occasionally raps under the alter ego “Lil Revive.” With this alter ego he frequently collaborates with Jake Hill’s alter egos Lil Tra$h and Lil Pinecone as well as another collaborator Foti’s alter ego Darko.


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