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[FULL ALBUM] Liam Gallagher – C’mon You Know

Liam Gallagher – C’mon You Know  Download Zip file album

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Liam Gallagher is a true musical icon. From his work in Oasis, a band that needs no introduction to his solo material, everyone knows who this man is, whether you love him or loathe him. On Friday, his third solo studio album, “C’Mon You Know” is released, but can it live up to the height of his musical talents? We’ll soon find out…

“More Power” begins the album on a mediocre note. The singing chorus of a choir of children sounds strong, and Liam’s performance is strong, but I don’t like the way the song’s written. Its lyrical content is strong, but its structuring doesn’t work in my opinion and doesn’t fit Gallagher’s vocal style I don’t think, though the track is produced very well and its instrumentation is very strong too.

“Diamond In The Dark” improves on the preceding track as the structuring is much stronger, it’s produced well and the songwriting is sublime with a great chorus. It’s a nicely made indie song that works on multiple levels. “Don’t Go Halfway” creates this majorly impressive and bombastic sound, but feels incredibly empty with its contents. The song doesn’t feel anything special, it’s as if I’ve heard it a million times before, with a mediocre sound and a lacklustre performance from Gallagher himself, unfortunately, it doesn’t work. The title track, “C’Mon You Know” on the other hand starts wonderfully and continues this growth of potential. From its gospel singers to its wonderful production and great structure, this is a song that works on many different levels, and that finale was extraordinary.

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