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[Full Album] Loud Luxury – Holiday Hills

Loud Luxury – Holiday Hills (Download Free album Zip File)

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It’s time to pack your bags and head to the ‘Holiday Hills’ with Loud Luxury, and the DJ duo – Andrew Fedyk and Joe De Pace – reveal how their EP is all about ‘breaking the rules’ and living your best life.

It’s not on a map. You can’t book an Airbnb there. But, if you climb to the steepest hill in your hometown and look out towards the sun, with the right kind of eyes – and with Loud Luxury’s new EP playing on your headphones – you might just be able to see the fabled Holiday Hills. The new project from the Canadian DJ duo arrives today (Aug. 13), six tracks capturing the vibe of the titular imaginary neighborhood, a borough where “we all grew up in and dreamed of breaking the rules,” Andrew Fedyk tells HollywoodLife.

The EP’s six songs – from the title track boasting about never seeing the sun (“[It’s] what..we do best as DJs: stay up all night and never see the sun”) to “Mistakes,” the Brazilian-inspire collab with Cat Dealers, to the closer, “Red Handed” featuring Thutmose, the EP is a burst of vibrant energy, one that will entice listeners to get out their seats and move. The project, released through Armada Music, has been designed for motion, sweat, and smiles. “If a song didn’t feel like it was full of energy and color,” says Joe De Pace, the other half of Loud Luxury, “it wasn’t going to make the cut.”

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In honor of the EP’s release, the duo tells HollywoodLife some details behind Holiday Hills, including why “Lemons” feels like a loving tribute to 90s Eurodance, how they managed their many collabs on the EP, and how this might not be the only music they put out in 2021.


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