[Full Album] Ruth B. – Moments in Between


Ruth B. – Moments in Between  (Download Free album Zip)

Ruth B’s newest album is sure to attract new listeners as the Ethiopian-Canadian songwriter aptly portrays the turbulence of youthful existence over a luscious backdrop of sound.

Thoughtful lyrics and dizzying melodies draw the ear from the first track. Princess Peach is a soaring ode to personal independence, immediately relatable to modern women striving to find their way in a harsh world, without accepting help from a well-meaning man.

“I like to rescue myself, I’ve always been my own hero, I’m scared of asking for help, even when I’m stuck at zero,” the young woman declares. Airy electronic beats keep the tune bouncing along, as if suspended in a peach-coloured thought bubble.

In a nod to the hip-hop tradition of interludes between tracks, Ruth treats the listener to a cinematic intro to the next song. Holiday is an experimental journey through jazzy chords on psychedelic synths. Situation, the artist’s self-proclaimed favourite, is indubitably beautiful, amid melancholic melodies and downbeat lyrics. “Right person, wrong time, I’m dying,” she sings in silky tones laden with understated emotion.

The title track Moments in Between seems to speak of the precious little things missed during the pandemic, like messing around getting ready for a party or, in Ruth’s charming words, “The ray of sun that hits my face when I’m in a rush to get someplace.” The arrangement and melodies are oddly reminiscent of Jason Mraz.


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