G-Eazy – The Beautiful & Damned (ALBUM)


Released on December 15, 2017, The Beautiful & Damned is G-Eazy’s third studio album.

The album’s title is the same as F. Scott Fitzgerald’s second novel, which follows a young and affluent couple as they navigate New York nightlife in the 1920s. Gerald compared the novel to the themes of the album in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

It [was published] in the ‘20s and was this time of overindulgence—going out too much, drinking too much. Ultimately [the characters] had to deal with the mess they made the night before the morning after. That’s mirroring my lifestyle: G-Eazy lives this crazy, over-the-top lifestyle without consequence, and Gerald is left to clean up his mess every morning.

It was announced on June 14th, 2017 during ComplexCon 2017 that the album would be released on the last Friday of the “fall”, December 15th, 2017.

The title has been teased as far back as July 2016.

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