Glaive – All Dogs Go To Heaven (EP)


Glaive – All Dogs Go To Heaven  (Download Free album Zip)

all dogs go to heaven is glaive’s second EP, and will be released under license to Interscope Records, fulfilling his requirement to release a second EP under them.

1. 1984 (Nick Mira + Whethan)
2. Stephany (Jeff Hazin)
3. Bastard (Delto)
4. Detest Me (Whethan + Haan)
5. i wanna slam my head against the wall (Glasear + Kid Icarus + Cashheart + Whethan + Kim J)
6. Poison (Whethan + Jeff Hazin)
7. SYNOPSIS (Travis Barker + Whethan + Kim J)
8. All Dogs Go To Heaven (Kim J + Zac Greer + Jeff Hazin)

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