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How family? Sabinus shows off framed artwork of himself, fans gush massively

  • Nigerian comedian and skit merchant, Sabinus has shown off a nice cartoon version of his famous thinking posture
  • Although the humour monger did not disclose the artist gave it to him, he took to Twitter to share the nicely framed work
  • Nigerians also took to the comment section to celebrate the artwork with many saying it nicely represents Sabinus
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Someone who is apparently very creative has come up with a cartoon version of Sabinus, creating his famous thinking pose and framing it nicely.

The comedian took to Twitter to share the artwork and it quickly went viral as many say it is a piece of cuteness.

Sabinus becoming more famous

Sabinus who recently won the AMVCA had this to say of himself after the recognition:

“I studied Linguistics and Communication at UNIPORT but at 100 level I was given a change of course form to change to Theatre arts from the HOD then, but I did accept because my father wanted me to study Law at the beginning. My father wanted me to be a Lawyer, not even that Linguistics and Communication that I studied.”

Many who saw what he shared replied mostly with an emoji. Sharing the piece of framed animation, Sabinus said:

“A whole investor.”

See his tweet below:

Twitter users react

Reacting to the tweet, @jay_tee_vidon said:

“A Sabinus kiddies show can be birthed from this. A character teaching kids colors, spelling, basic maths etc.”

@Towseenn commented:

“Woooooow! Soo dam pretty. Looks just like you. Investor wey sabi.”


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@Ikezie_ said:

“Your face show and your shoe shine naa.”

@iezege_ commented:

“I love this artwork.”

@CFC_champ10 said:

“Sabinus the above cartoon art looks great, though it didn’t really capture ur face but its a masterpiece nonetheless; U failed to give the artist due credit which isn’t encouraging cos advertising the person will help promote his or her craft. Kindly credit the artist next time.”

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