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How Has Giants in Monsters Movies Evolved With Time

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Giant monster movies have come a long way since the early 1900s. They are a genre of entertainment that people across all demographics enjoy. In addition, the genre has seen some tremendous cinematic brilliance that is cherished to this day.

The scary-looking giants in monster movies have also gone through an evolution. With the help of technology, today, robots and VFX are bringing these realistic-looking monsters to life.

Let us look at some classic monster movies and how the giants have evolved through them.

How Have Monsters Evolved With Time

Here are a few classic and new films you can watch to get your fill of some giant monster action.

King Kong – 1933

The early 1900s saw giant creatures being brought to the cinema screen. It started with the likes of The Golem in 1915 and Lost World in 1925. But King Kong made a lasting impression on both the critics and audiences.

The film takes you on an adventure, with the first half spent on uncharted islands populated by dinosaurs and King Kong himself. In the second half, you can see the giant trampling through the streets of New York. Even after several remakes of this film, it is the original version that stands best.

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Godzilla – 1954

This movie incorporated the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into its timeline. The movie’s director Ishiro Honda saw and experienced the pain and suffering the WWII event caused and used that to create a legendary movie.

Godzilla was a monster that was born as a result of the bombings. The movie is a classic in the monster genre. In 2007, the film went on to win an award for the Best DVD Classic Film Release.

Gorgo – 1961

It is a movie set up with the city of London as its backdrop. Sailors capture a giant lizard and sell the animal to a London circus. Now begins the story of the lizard’s giant monster mom destroying the city to find its offspring.

The film is well known for its tight and quick-paced storytelling, impressive set design, and focus on the giant’s emotional side.

Pacific Rim – 2013

This film is set in the future. It is about a war raging between humankind and sea monsters that have emerged from an interdimensional portal under the Pacific Ocean. A giant robot operated by two co-pilots is looked up to as the solution to save the world from a total apocalypse. The movie revolves around the lead characters as they take the interdimensional monsters head-on.

The movie garnered praise for its stunning action sequences below and above the sea. As a result, the film received 48 nominations, of which it won 7 awards. The response was so good that a sequel was also made.

Godzilla vs. Kong – 2021

This is the recent film in the Godzilla and King Kong franchise. Today, the films are all about making the monsters look realistic and the use of special effects to dramatize the cinematic experience.

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The film revolves around the clash between the two giants and how the humans lure King Kong to Hollow Earth in search of a mysterious power that can probably stop Godzilla.

The special and visual effects in today’s films indeed give giants in monster movies a larger-than-life view. But the classic films during their time were groundbreaking. Being shot on tight budgets and limited technology, they offered audiences an alternate film experience.

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