I.K.P – 11:11(Album)


I.K.P – 11:11 (Download Free album Zip)

Brooklyn, NY-born, and Norfolk, VA-raised rapper-producer Kenny M. Alvarez, better known as The Infamous King of Positivity aka I.K.P shares his latest album 11:11 | eleven eleven.

The generous artist has listed sixteen fiery tracks in this LP, bridging gaps between multiple genres and shedding light on his deep messages. The award-winning artist is simultaneously an urban poet, rapper, songwriter and producer who keeps pushing his boundaries, both sonically and lyrically.

One thing for sure is that listening to this album is a full-on healing experience, setting an inspiring example for all LGBTQIA rappers or aspiring artists out there to pursue their dreams to the fullest.

After Radicalize (2020) and Normalize (2021), 11:11 | eleven eleven is I.K.P’s latest and undoubtedly most accomplished project to date, a record filled with depth, meaning and vision paving the way for everything to come next for the talented artist.

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