ISK – Vérité (Album)


ISK – Vérité (Download Free album Zip)

This Friday, May 28, Vérité was released , the first album by the young rapper from Seine-et-Marne, ISK . A pivotal stage in the young career of Kais Ben Baccar , his real name.

A pressure assumed by the artist, who for the occasion, did not hesitate to call on some big names of the hexagonal rap game . Indeed, Niro , Da Uzi and Uzi will be present on his project, just like Sofiane , with whom ISK released on April 9, the first single from his album, Cités de France .

A song full of energy, rappeda prod equally aggressive that detail, which allowed it to strengthen as it should be his image as a rising star of French rap, piece counting today more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. A great reward for ISK and his work, he who has been writing and rapping since the age of 14.


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