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Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – brent: live from the internet (Album)

Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – brent: live from the internet Mp3 download

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brent: live from the internet is the recording of the live show of brent ii, along with few older collaborations of Jeremy and Chelsea on the rapidly growing platform Moment House which hosted this live show, similar to the live show of brent (brent i as few people may think) brent: live in the new york the live show was announced by both of them on in January, the show started in February start and was stream separately for every continent because of the different time zones.the full recording of the show is expected to be dropped by 5th May.

When thinking back on the records that softened the blow of the pandemic, Jeremy Zucker’s ‘love is not dying’ and Chelsea Cutler’s ‘How To Be Human’ are two of the albums that stand-out the most. There’s a reason why so many fans of Cutler are fans of Zucker and vice versa; both have been praised for the vulnerability and universality throughout the lyrics, something that many (including myself) leaned on during the low moments of 2020. Many discovered the two songwriters after the release of their 2019 EP, ‘brent,’ falling in love with the ease in which Cutler & Zucker work together and how seamlessly their voices fit with one another.

Over the summer, the duo carved out a week away and headed to upstate New York to work on what would be the follow-up to their acclaimed & much-loved EP, ‘brent’. The sequel in the Zucker/Cutler musical universe is ‘brent ii’, a 5-track EP touching on themes of love, longing, and learning how to live life in this quarantine-pandemic.

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Over Zoom, 1883 caught up with the two singers, songwriters, and producers and talked all things ‘brent ii’, what it’s like to watch one another grow as artists, and why they don’t see social media as a mark of success.


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