KASIMIR1441 – EYA (Album)


KASIMIR1441 – EYA (Zip File album download Free) 

Kasimir1441 (* 2001 ; real name Clemens Reichelt ) is a German rapper from Berlin-Steglitz .

Kasimir1441 comes from Berlin-Steglitz and started recording videos when he was about 13 years old. With 15 years he started music under the name Shor One record and on SoundCloud to publish. He later met the rapper Pashanim about Snapchat know and began in 2019 with Until it works Records with the professional recording music. When YouTube and Spotify his tracks achieved high click-through rates.

The video for the track KK , which shows Kasimir1441 rapping, was viewed over 4.6 million times by June 2020 and secured Kasimir1441 entry into the German charts . KK reached number 90 and Kickdown came in at number 100.

Together with Chapo102 Kasimir1441 released the album Rotzlöffel in October 2020 . His song Ohne dich (with Badmómzjay ) became a number one hit in Germany in January 2021 .


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