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Kid scatters room, pours powder on his face and dog’s body, mum shouts in video



  • A kid remained unmoved as a woman caught him in a scattered room with powder applied on his face
  • A dog in the room also had powder all over its body as it kept looking through the content at its feet
  • Many people who reacted to the video were amazed by how mischievous the kid was at the end of the clip
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funny video showing a kid who had upturned a whole room in the house as he looked innocent served for great content online.

When someone believed to be his mother walked in on him, the kid looked on innocently. A puppy in front of him had powder all over its body.

Little boy and mischief

There is no doubt the kid made the dog up as his face also had power in massive proportion. The woman kept shouting in anger mixed with disgust.

Towards the end of the clip, the kid blew powder from his hand into the mother’s face as she came close.

Watch the clip below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has gathered over 17,000 likes and hundreds of reactions.

We compiled some of them below:

@fka2much336 said:

“The mother’s accent though — ‘Bruh…Den you got Dis dog involved’.”

@_justamb said:

“Plz not the puppy being his partner in crime, this is too cute!”

@TityMeat said:

“The dog heard her yelling and was trying to get behind the baby omg.”

@LoveisLimitless said:

“He blew some powder at the end. Little kids are hilarious af.”

@2003_cinci said:

“That dog felt shame, he didn’t want any part of that mess.”

@WhoTmike said:

“Child not going to take you serious with your phone out.”

While the man was moving with the aid, the kid also handled his. At a point, the man stopped to give approving nods to the baby.

People behind them found the whole show entertaining as they kept grinning at what the kid was doing with so much seriousness.

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