LEAK VIDEO: Group of SHS student Caught doing it in an Empty Classroom


The attitude of some Senior Hight Students (SHS) is becoming worrisome these days. Not long ago, a video went viral about an SHS student who was twerking and almost removed her underwear.

Just recently, a group of SHS students was Caught romancing themselves in an empty classroom. This video has caught the attention of many who are not happy with the occurrence.

It looks like the SHS is becoming something different from the Previous we all attended. Just a few days after some SHS girls were doing some wild twerking competition right inside their classroom in daylight, another group of Shs student has also been spotted Smoothing and caressing themselves in an Empty classroom

In this video, the students have grouped themselves into four making love as if they are on their honeymoon.

The name of the school in which this incident occurred is yet to be identified. is following this case, keenly.

Watch Video Below


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