Lil West – Final Home (Album)


Lil West – Final Home  (Download Free album Zip)

Lil West (born 12/05/1998) is an American hip hop artist and sound engineer from Delaware. He grew up in the humble community of Brigdeville released his first songs in the form of the 2015 EP Indigo with Florida-based producer Nodachi (ELi), a dark and druggy mashup of early-2000s hard rock influences and seething raps. He is under Nomad Music Group

Lil West is just 21 years old Delaware Native. He has a deep growl and mature subject matter, which often makes people think something other than what’s expected. may have you believing something different. West got his beginning at 14 after being roused by a pillar and underground king Curren$y, and is hoping to make a comparative imprint on the game. He is already on the right path with a consistent series of discharges, most as of late topped off with an EP “That is Too Much.”[4]

West’s sound borrows from Atlanta’s bubbling trap scene while looking to the future and building upon it. He’ll lather on the auto-tune and or go raw without it– his unique voice will make an impact either way.


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