Lil Yachty – Michigan Boy Boat (Album)


Lil Yachty – Michigan Boy Boat (Zip File album download Free)

Michigan Boy Boat is the third commercial mixtape by American rapper Lil Yachty.

It was released on April 23, 2021, through Capitol Records and Quality Control. The mixtape features guest appearances from Tee Grizzley, Veeze, Baby Smoove, Louie Ray, Swae Lee, RMC Mike, Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung OG, Babyface Ray, Sada Baby, Baby Tron, KrispyLife Kidd, Slap Savage, and YN Jay. The production is handled by Helluva, Enrgy, Sav, Buddah Bless, Carlo, Reul StopPlaying, 30 Roc, Toju, and BSM Productions.

The mixtape is named after the state Michigan in the United States, with Lil Yachty describing it as a tribute for his “second home”.

Speaking on his collaborations with artists from Michigan in an interview with Eric Skelton of Complex on April 22, 2021, in which he thought about them as rapping “about all kinds of crazy shit” and described them as “mad fucking lyrical in a weird way” because “the schemes and the cadences and the flows are so unorthodox”.


1.Final Form  //DOWNLOAD MP3

2.Dynamic Duo  //DOWNLOAD MP3

3.Concrete Goonies  //DOWNLOAD MP3

4.Don’t Even Bother (feat. Veeze & Baby Smoove)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

5.G.I. Joe (feat. Louie Ray)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

6.Never Did Coke (feat. Swae Lee)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

7.Ghetto Boy Shit (feat. RMC Mike)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

8.Plastic (feat. Icewear Vezzo & Rio Da Yung Og)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

9.Fight Night Round 3 (feat. Babyface Ray & Veeze)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

10.SB 2021 (feat. Sada Baby)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

11.Stunt Double (feat. Rio Da Yung Og)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

12.SB5 (feat. Sada Baby)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

13.Hybrid (feat. Baby Tron)  //DOWNLOAD MP3

14.This That One (feat. Krispy Life Kidd, Louie Ray, Slap Savage, Veeze & YN Jay)  //DOWNLOAD MP3


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