Logic – Louis Vuitton Briefcase (Album)


Logic – Louis Vuitton Briefcase (Download Free album Zip)

Louis Vuitton Briefcase is the current potential title of Maryland-rapper Logic’s upcoming “beat tape.”

The project is being created to allow Logic a chance to dive back into the side of production, and create beats for fans and/or other artists to use and be creative with.

Within the project will be tracks that include hidden verses from Logic and/or features from other artists he knows.

While the idea for this project has been discussed for awhile, it first became official as Logic released a download link for “Ultra Violent” on Twitter as the lead single.

1. Nujabes Forever

2. Sunflower

3. Ultra Violent

4. Writing Room (Ft. Cordae)

5. Lack

6.Suntory Murray

7.Supreme (Ft. Silas)

8.Louis Vuitton Briefcase

9.Once upon a time in hollywood



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