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Lyrics: Arik Ancelin – Diamond in the Rough



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What’s good Waki?
Benson (Benson)

[Verse 1]
Diamond in the rough, diamond in the rough
I think I am dancing with the stars
I think I’m on Cloud 9
I am so high right now
I think I’m on God status
I think I am in the outer space
You can’t stop me right now
I am hot, like a frying pan
I think I’m too sick right now to spit bars
I think I made a hit song, right now
I can deal with the pressure
But pressure makes diamonds
The Gods made me who I am right now
They made a hit maker, and then I will die a legend

Diamond in the rough Yeah, diamond in the rough
Yeah, I’m the one out of one million, yeah
Diamond in the rough Yeah, I’m one out of one billion
Yeah, Diamond in the rough, diamond in thе rough

[Verse 2]
Doing my money dance, yeah, monеy dance, yeah
Blowing up in every direction
You can call me One Direction
I’m going up until I am done at seventy
The party never ends until I go away
But I’m not going to fade away
Every day, I make hit songs
I make a free throw, but not a repercussion
I make earthquakes when I’m in the studio
Cooking up sauce, like I am Chef Prego
Diamond in the rough

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