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Lyrics: Bo Burnham – Goodbye

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Possible Ending Song is the final song (except for the credits) from Bo Burnham’s Netflix special Inside. It also includes lyrics previously sung in the special from Welcome to the Internet, Comedy, and Stuck in a Room in the bridge and outro.


In the special, the song begins in a flashback to early in Bo’s lockdown (as evidenced by his shorter hair) before shifting to over a year later when he has finished writing the song. Notably, the first verse is much more vague than the following chorus and verses, which incorporate other songs he had written for the special as well as a much more cynical and weary outlook.

Um, possible, uh, ending song that is not finished yet
Test, take one

[Verse 1]
So long, goodbye
I’ll see you when I see you
You can pick the street
I’ll meet you on the other side
So long, goodbye
Do I really have to finish?
Do returns always diminish?
Did I say that right?

Does anybody want to joke
When no one’s laughing in the background?
So this is how it ends
I promise to never go outside again

[Verse 2]
So long, bye!
I’m slowly losing power
Has it only been an hour?
No, that can’t be right
So long, goodbye
Hey, here’s a fun idea
How ’bout I sit on the couch
And I watch you next time?
I wanna hear you tell a joke
When no onе’s laughing in the background
So this is how it ends
I promise to nеver go outside again

Am I going crazy?
Would I even know?
Am I right back where I started fourteen years ago?
Wanna guess the ending? If it ever does
I swear to God that all I’ve ever wanted was
A little bit of everything, all of the time
A bit of everything, all of the time
Apathy’s a tragedy, and boredom is a crime
I’m finished playing, and I’m staying inside
If I wake up in a house that’s full of smoke
I’ll panic, so call me up and tell me a joke
When I’m fully irrelevant and totally broken, damn it
Call me up and tell me a joke
Oh, shit, you’re really joking at a time like this?
Well, well, look who’s inside again
Went out to look for a reason to hide again
Well, well, buddy, you found it
Now come out with your hands up
We’ve got you surrounded

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