Lyrics: DR. CREEP – Biohazard


Biological terror and weaponized order
Nuclear too costly
They bio-chemical supportive
Injection afforded
The mutations recorded
New world elite create nemesis and move toward it
From the shadows of the forest
It’s Weapons I’m sent to seize
The chaos I live and breathe hazardous like bioweaponry
Large Scale Quarantines take notice by trial 70
Notes of file 7-3 procedures so nothing leaves
Bodies fall in an avalanche
The virus is that advanced
Outta rounds stab a man
Now stacked with AK’s mad in vans
Get used to the aftermath or get cooked like Zatarain’s
You burn where the cabin stands hazardous with a phantom stance
The lies are tremendous
Plum Island go defend it
Projected label
More than explicit
Billions will die admitted
Human DNA enlisted for the super bug that’s invented
File unzipped
It done lifted
The cure encrypted
In a land that’s God forbidden, who planned this awful vision?
Those who try to stop the mission are often missing
If the world’s on with sickness, I’ll move calm with swiftness
A warning in Morse code
Listen, move to my kill shot position
Front gate
Mask intrusion cause mass confusion
My own laugh amusement
I’ll trap a nuisance
Biohazard craft in music without rule of law had abused this
That FEMA camp class is useless
Math of fusion
Extinction, plague, drastic phase align with galactic plane
Outbreaks spread in the fastest lane
Safe? Retract your claim
It’s not your average rain
When the dead rise, smash his brain
Infected skeleton plastic frame
Yo I’ll match the pain
Artificial Intelligent machines, controlled crushing
Fall of society, rushing virus above me and sub sea
A planet dies to please the corporate buzz feed
Army of the undead walking
The contagion inside of me

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