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Lyrics: girl in red – ​hornylovesickmess

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[Verse 1]
I’m in New York, thinking of you
Wondering what you are up to
From this lonely ass hotel room
With a pretty good lookin’ view
I am somewhere in the states
Going somewhere on a plane
It doesn’t really matter as long as I’m always far away
Or maybe on a bus for a month straight
Shit’s fun but I’m going insane
Like it’s been months since I’ve had sex
I’m just a horny little love sick mess
And I don’t wanna to be the type of person who calls you up
Every time I need to get off but
I guess that’s who I’m turning into, oh fuck

Down the Times Square in the rain
There’s a billboard with my face
It’s so weird how things have changed
Think about it every day
If I ever make it back
Will I find what we once had?
Guess I ruined us pretty bad

[Verse 2]
I’m in the same city as you
But I still don’t come through
‘Cause I’ve got so much to do
And that’s the shittiest excuse
So, don’t ever take me back
Let’s just face the fact
I treated you like trash
And you deserve more than that

My love comes out at midnight
My love comes out at midnight
My love comes out at midnight
My love comes out at midnight
My love comes out at midnight

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