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Lyrics: Injury Reserve – Top Picks for You

Lyrics: Injury Reserve – Top Picks for You

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“Top Picks for You”, is the seventh track on Injury Reserve’s second album, By the Time I Get to Phoenix.

The song discusses the idea of the algorithmic and pattern-based catering to their consumers continuing to work and attempt to cater to someone who is not there anymore. Throughout the song, there is a consistent perspective of Ritchie’s that seems to be attempting to grieve a loved one’s loss while having to reckon with them being existent only to the technology they surrounded themselves with.

[Intro: Ritchie with a T]
I shake it off and I shake it off
Train is still on schedule
Gotta shake it off, gotta shake it off
The train is still on schedule
The train is still on schedule

[Verse 1: Ritchie with a T]
As the dust settles, shake it off of me, shake it off of me
(The train is still on schedule)
Yeah, your pattern’s still in place, algorithm still in action
Just work so you could just jump right back, jump right back
I seen that shit working like nothing ever happened
I go to power on, I see your shit still happenin’, yeah
I felt loss but a hole like this I never could’ve imagined
Your pattern’s still in place, algorithm’s still in action
As I scroll through I see a piеce of you is still reacting
As I drove through I still see piеces on the street of glass still
Immortalized from the things that happened
Turned to fragments than a figment I could only imagine
Turned to ashes in the blink of an eye
I could hold in a basket
But your pattern’s still in tact
And algorithm’s still reacting
Algorithms still reactin’

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[Bridge: Ritchie with a T]
We gon hold on though
And we will live on
And we won’t give up
He look just like you
He look just like you
We gon keep working
We won’t clockout, we won’t logout
We won’t lockout, logout
Look just like you
He look just like you
He look just like you
He look just like you

[Verse 2: Ritchie with a T]
I look across the table, I see a lot more than what appears to be a shadow
He walks across the room, I see a lot more than seem to be patterns
I scan the room, I see bits and pieces of you scattered
It’s those same patterns that gon’ get us through the next chapter
Your blood runs through this home
And your habits through much after
Grab the remote, pops up something you would’ve watched, I’m like “Classic”
This some shit I would’a seen you watch and then just laughed at
Your patterns are still in place and your algorithm is still in action
Just workin’ so that you can just, jump right back in
But you ain’t jumpin’ back here
Just run it back

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