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Lyrics: Meek Mill – Sharing Locations

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Meek first teased this track on January 28, 2021 with a snippet posted to Instagram, tagging both Baby and Durk in the caption of the post, saying he was “waiting on [them]” to release the song. Shortly after Meek’s post, the track’s producer Papamitrou posted the same snippet.

On February 5, 2021, cinematographer Caleb Jermale posted a clip of the track’s upcoming music video.

The track’s title is currently unknown and it is unclear if the track will appear on any of Meek’s upcoming projects.

KJ, what you got goin’ on man?
Yo, Nick Papz, make it slap

[Verse 2: Meek Mill, Lil Durk & Lil Baby]
I got a lil’ bitch from the hood
I call her, “Gang,” she don’t play with that bae shit
I be fuckin’ this NBA nigga bitch
‘Cause she know I ain’t ever gon’ say shit
New contract big like I play ball
Lil’ boy, I ain’t nothin’ to play with
I told her, “Pull up,” she told me she can’t
Her nigga be sharin’ location
Yeah, I was ridin’ in the Ghost with the ghost gun
Seen you out with your kids so you owe one
Had my man in the can while you takin’ out the trash
You gon’ pop with the MAC like, don’t run
Gave her a pill, they all get high, you ever had a foursome?
This too much cash for me to hide, I had to give lil’ bro some
I fuck her raw from time to time, I don’t show no emotion
But when he died, he had them racks, he had to make it go for him
I hang with the hitters who train the killers who send all the niggas on store runs
I got me a check and I brought me a ‘Cat, and I went on the block and did donuts

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[Chorus: Lil Durk]
I hang with all the murderers
I’m payin’ all the lawyers for the murderers
I’m puttin’ all my last on the murderers
You don’t wanna see me with the murderers

[Verse 2: Meek Mill, Lil Durk & Lil Baby]
Yeah, Rolls Royce, swervin’, famous bitch curvin’
Seen you out in traffic, you was lookin’ nervous
Ran it up on accident then they thought it was on purpose
I know, for a fact, I’m blastin’, man, I never get too worried
Hunnid racks in hunnids, they like cursive, I been sellin’ verses
One time, I like the sound of my song, I ain’t gonna buy her no Birkin
Homicide on my mind when I slide, I ain’t tryna see no hearses
He ain’t even die by the gun, took a fake pill, nigga died off Percs
Shawty look perfect (Perfect)
Pussy was workin, go get her some purses
My diamonds be hittin’ like we in a Versuz
We stickin’ together, this shit ain’t a custom
I’m fuckin’ with Durkio
I get like the jeweler with Baby, we’re too goin’ crazy
We go to LA, then we coppin’ a Kobe (Brother)
Bad lil’ bitches all over me
Way too Wraithed up, baby, no smokin’ (No way)
She wanna go to the mall (Let’s get it)
Got up and went to the pop-up in Louis and saw it and ordered it all
I’m in this bitch with the voice and the hero
These niggas is weirdos, ain’t goin’ this hard (No way)
I’m from the P, that’s K
All these niggas know me, I hang with

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[Chorus: Lil Durk]
I hang with all the murderers
I’m payin’ all the lawyers for the murderers
I’m puttin’ all my last on the murderers
You don’t wanna see me with the murderers

[Outro: Lil Durk]
I hang with all the murderers

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