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Lyrics: Playboi Carti – Meh

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On “Meh”, Playboi Carti brings everything we know about him to the table. Ad-libs, baby voice and the trademark lyrics we know about the album’s theme. He brags up about his wealthy lifestyle while also discussing his relationship life.

The eleventh song on the project Whole Lotta Red produced by Star Boy, Outtatown and Art Dealer. Starboy and Outtatown are known for working with Carti’s frequent collaborator Lil Uzi Vert, and Art Dealer produced a number of other songs on the album.

What? What?

Fuck a opp, fuck a opp (Yeah)
Fuck a opp (Yeah), fuck a opp (Yeah, yeah)
Fuck a opp, fuck a opp
Fuck a opp, fuck a opp
All these niggas talking ’bout me (Me)
All these niggas dressing like me (Me), uh
Niggas tryna disrespect me (Me)
Bitch, that’s gon’ come with a fee (What?)
I got a bitch I fuck on for free (Bitch, yeah)
I got a bitch I fuck on, she a freak (What?)
I got this Rick Owens, yeah, for free (Bitch, yeah)
I got this Bottega, yeah, for free (Yeah)
I’m rocking on Givenchy, yeah, for free (Givenchy)
This shit not on sale, I’m not cheap (What?)
Got a brand new Aventador (What?)
And it’s not leased (Yeah)
Rockstar shit but I’m not Machine Gun (What?)
And I feel like I’m the only rockstar, the only onе (What? What?)
The only one (What? What?)
The only onе (What? What?)
The chosen one (What? What?)
The chosen one (What? What?)
My bitch got her nails done, uh (What? What?)
My bitch got her hair laid (What? Slatt)
But I only take her to tour dates (Bitch)
I’m a rockstar, bitch, I can’t date (What?)
I can’t tell if I love her (What?)
Johnny Cage, beat it up under covers (Slatt, what?)
Gotta have a rubber (What? What?)
Or I’m in trouble (What? What? Slatt)
Heard you had a bag, but you fumbled (Yeah)
All my opps dead (What? What? What?)
But I’ma continue to be humble (Slatt, slatt, slatt)
Oh yeah (Slatt)

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What? (Slatt, slatt, slatt)
What? (Slatt, slatt, slatt)
What? (Slatt, slatt, slatt)
What? (Slatt, slatt, slatt)

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