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Lyrics: Playboi Carti – Rover

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This untitled track dubbed ‘Rover’ is one of 3 songs previewed by Instagram user @govwok during a Live story on 10/13/20. This track has been speculated to be a song recorded in 2020. This track marks first collaboration between Lil88 of 808mafia and Carti, and may be expected to appear on Whole Lotta Red

(808 Mafia)
Yeah, yeah, what? What? What?

Dope in the rover, uh
Got dope in the rover, uh, yeah
Diamonds exotic [?]

I can smell my ho
Too many hoes
Tell her come over

… oh, hold up
Pour me up, you know I love that Sprite, bitch (What?)
Rockstar shit, I might be that type, yeah

I been rollin’ dice (Dice, what?)
Think about your life (Life, what?)
You could get shanked, hold up
Clip with a knife

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