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Lyrics: TarioP – Throw It Back (Abow)



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[Intro: ShantiiP]
Hold on

[Verse 1: ShantiiP & TarioP]
He told me throw it back, abow (Yop, abow)
So I sit this motherfucker on his lap, abow (Yop, yop, yop)
Boy, come and make this ass fat (Yop, yop)
And no, we can’t talk if you ain’t spendin’ racks (Yop, yop, yop, racks)
And yes, I’m Ms. Nasty From the Back (Yop, abow)
So I jumped on the dick and then I threw it back (Yop, yop, yop)

[Verse 2: TarioP]
Throw it back just like that
She a freaky lil’ bitch, she like it nasty from the back, yop
Ooh, throw it back, can you make that ass clap? (Make it clap)
TarioP and Ms. Nasty From the Back (What?)
She like it nasty from the back, but can you make it clap?
Or make it dance, shout out ShantiiP, bitch, throw it back
Hold on, hold on, hold on
I told her throw it back, abow (Abow)
Can you sit this motherfucker on my lap right now? (Right now)
I’m tryna hit it from the back and make that motherfucker fat, yop
Why I’m throwin’ big racks if you ain’t throwin’ it back? Abow
I’m like bigger, girl, who? Bitch, that’s me
I’m like, “It’s TarioP,” she threw it back on her knees
She throwin’ it back on her knees and she know she ride it more
Ass so fat, baby, can you shake it on the pole? (Like yop)
She a freak lil’ bitch, can you twerk it on the pole? (On the pole)
Can you take that fire D, no, without pullin’ on my fro? (On my fro)
She a lil’ freaky bitch, I got her screamin’ RTM (RTM)
Bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow
If you a loud one, ho, then you gotta hit the floor
Left cheek, right cheek, I’m tryna throw a little more
I’m tryna throw a little more, but can you throw it back, though?
Throw it back, throw it back, she a lil’ freaky ho (Like yop)

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